Mwika Vocational Centre

Youth aged between 14 – 24 years in our community is among vulnerable group with few employment and education opportunities. They have limited space to engage in significant farming activities and no access to capital for initiating their own small to medium enterprises.

Furthermore, many suffer from lack of knowledge and life skills due to poverty which limit their chances for further education after finishing primary school or secondary school.

The prior focus of this project is to rescue youths from the stressful life of income related poverty and unemployment by building their capabilities to recognize potentials and resource available within themselves and the community, and thereafter to utilize such potentials and resource but supporting them to acquire vocational skills and to build confidence in their professionalism. However, CREF Tanzania research shows that most of targeted group attended the vocational schools were standard seven leavers that after vocational school many feels incompetent and end up doing nothing. All of this brings frustration and pain to youths and easily tempt them to engage in criminal cases.

Under these challenging circumstances, establishing a practically oriented vocational school would both support youth to gain confidence and life skills through mentor ship, and equip them to rescue their life situation by providing them with knowledge and skills in different fields which are marketable in the area.

Many youth grow up under extreme levels of poverty and are surely tempted to migrate to urban centers and cities, where they are exploited and become street youth. Through training, this project will reduce the number of youth who are distressed and in hard situations.


Our mission is to pass skills and knowledge to needy youth through vocational education training.

Description of Project

The project will be located in Mwika village, Moshi rural district, Tanzania. CREF Tanzania already has a ten-room house ready to use for the project. The ten rooms will be partly classrooms, stores and offices.

Many village inhabitants here in Mwika are living in extreme poverty and unemployed. Average income lies around $10-$15 per month, and some are unable to earn even this. An household with 2-4 children in the family frequently fails to send them to vocational schools and all end up roaming around in the streets.

Under this project CREF Tanzania wish to help as many youth as possible in acquiring skills and knowledge through Carpentry and Entrepreneurship. This initiative will contribute in many ways to reduce poverty level and boost self employment whereby the students will be able to support their families in long run.

Project Goals and Objectives

  • To combat the problems facing youth in a multi-disciplinary approach, that can increase the quality of life of the youth by restoring hope and confidence among through vocational training, which will enable them to absorbed effectively in the informal and private sectors.
  • To train willing youth in vocational skills such as carpentry, masonry, tailoring and other small industries.


  • To employ teachers mainly of practical and technical skills.
  • To have materials for practical activities
  • To have the necessary machines
  • To buy the important equipment such as tables, chairs, books and bookshelves.
  • To have the ability to pay salaries of all staff every month.
  • To have necessary stationery
  • To have resource to feed the students.